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Search Committee Gifts & Skills

The Search Committee will: • Be made up of five to seven members of St. John’s. No clergy or staff nor their family members. No two members from the same household. • Include one to two members of the Vestry, one of whose term continues into the call of the Priest in Charge. • Include members who are able to work well in a group, get promised work done on time, attend regular, sometimes weekly, meetings, and keep confidences—EVEN FROM A PARTNER OR SPOUSE. • Be regular givers with a track record of financial support of the parish. • Ideally, should not have served on a previous Search Committee. This is a ‘best practice’ guideline as it can be difficult for those who have served on previous committees to adapt to new protocols and practices. The Search Committee members should have the following gifts and skills: 1. Possesses a personal spirituality, and life of faith and prayer that undergird discernment. 2. Is able to maintain confi dentiality. 3. Is knowledgeable of and has enthusiasm for the congregation. 4. Is known for collaboration and cooperation rather than for pushing an agenda. 5. Is open and fair-minded. 6. Is willing to speak their mind. 7. Is knowledgeable to insightful but does not dominate. 8. Is respected by the congregation. 9. Has regular computer access and availability. 10.Has the ability to work toward consensus. 11.Displays good communication skills (It is helpful if someone has knowledge of technology, web page skills and contacts). 12.Has interviewing skills. 13.Has a background in human resources, personnel, or related fields (such as counseling, etc.) and the spiritual background and insight to realize that there is a difference in secular work and discernment and call. 14.Has the ability and willingness to travel, if necessary. 15.Is hospitable. 16.Represents the demographic spectrum of the parish. Members of the committee may represent several interest groups. Where it is possible for one individual to represent several “groups,” this lessens the opportunity for “agendas” having to do with any one area of the parish, and provides the committee member with a better perspective and sense of what is best for the “good of the whole.”

Nominating Form

The Nominating Form is here.

Please complete the form, download, and email to


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