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Priest Search

Update 11/1/2023

Search Committee

The Search Committee is happy to report that all small group, or cottage, meetings have been held. We are appreciative to those that were able to participate. The conversations had and the feedback received will be of great assistance in creating an accurate and thoughtful parish profile. However, before the profile is created, the Committee will provide the parish with another opportunity for self-study and reflection through the Church Assessment Tool (or CAT) survey.

The CAT survey will be available online for completion between Monday, November 6 and Friday, November 24. The committee will distribute the link to the survey via email, so please take time between now and the end of October to confirm (or provide) the preferred email address(es) for all household members, 16 years of age or older, to the Church Office. In addition, if you prefer completing a paper version of the survey for a committee member to input or perhaps sitting down with a committee member in your home or between services next month to enter your responses, please let the Church Office know of that need as well.

Search Process

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