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Covidtide 2020


Preparing for Outdoor Worship

Alternative Worship Schedule if you cannot attend the outdoor service:
8:00 Liturgy of the Word via Zoom
Continues as present to provide “real time” worship to those unable to gather on the church property.  Service is recorded and posted online by noon each Sunday. Accessible to everyone with a phone or internet connection.

Expectations for those who would like to attend outdoor services:













As a parish, we strive to follow all guidelines and implement best practices to create a safer environment to gather for worship. However, as with all gatherings in this time, there is still a risk of Covid-19 transmission. Please only attend if you feel comfortable undertaking worship knowing your own personal limitations and vulnerabilities (and those of your household), and if you agree to abide by the safety measures set forth below which are meant to best protect all involved in worship at St. John’s.

Please also understand this worship will not be like a typical indoor service. There will be many changes to ensure the safety of all involved - it may feel more like “camp church” - but we will always honor our liturgy and sacraments.


  • Before you come for service: 

    • Take your temperature.  If you are not feeling well or running a fever, we ask that you stay home.

    • Bring/wear a face mask (if you do not have one, you may pick one up at the church Monday through Thursday prior to Sunday. A limited amount will also be available on Sunday AM).  

    • Be sure to download the bulletin sent prior to Sunday on your iPad, cell phone, any portable device you may want to use. Or print the bulletin on your own. There will not be printed bulletins distributed at the service.

    • Bring your personal lawn chair and/or blanket for you and/or your family household/group. Chairs will not be provided. You must remain at least 6 ft. apart from any one that is not in your household/family group. Children remain with parents, communion is distributed to families rather than people coming forward, etc. 

    • (If desired) bring your own Bible and/or Book of Common Prayer. If you do not have one, you may pick one up per family out of the chapel Monday through Thursday prior to Sunday.

  • Arrival and Service:

    • Ushers will greet and explain expectations with entering and exiting “seating area”.  

    • If you would like to drop off people/chairs: there is only a ONE WAY ENTRANCE driveway marked beside the Columbarium. Then you will EXIT out the Vance property to park on the street. No cars can be parked at the garage or on the driveway.

    • We ask that you not enter the church building if at all possible.

    • If you must use the restrooms, the only entrance will be through the kitchen door and you will exit out the garden door in front of the chapel. Signs are posted outside and inside the building/restrooms with the necessary procedures upon entering and exiting. Please be compliant to all guidelines/restrictions noted.  

      • Only one person at a time may be in the restroom unless assisting a small child.

      • Please note that the second floor is closed. Please only use the bathrooms outside of Hosea Hall or the nursery. 

    • If you feel sick during the service, please move to the designated “sick seating” area in the garage. Our policy will be to call the local ambulance if there are no family members to drive someone home who feels too sick to drive. 

    • Fr. Dana and Deacon Emily will come to each family unit to distribute Communion.

    • Large vessel for Offering plate will be located within circular flower bed.

    • Fr. Dana will invite members to disperse in orderly/prompt fashion/with minimal socializing – ushers and markers indicate proper distancing to exit property for members.

  • Conditions for Cancellation of Service

    • In case of rain/inclement weather service will be cancelled and notification will be posted to the church Facebook page. 

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